Keeping The Past Alive

1.    The Maurranji                                                                        (Rick Gay) 3.23 
2.   Two Day Course                                 (Peter Barton / Shaza Leigh) 3.27
3.   The Five Stars                                                             (Dennis Russell) 4.21
4.   Blood On The Coal                             (Shaza Leigh / Ashley Cook) 3.49
5.   Petticoat Pioneers  (AE Brooks, Graham Pearson, Shaza leigh) 3.37
6.   I Am Me                                                                              (Eddie Lowe)  3.17
7.   Out Of The Back Of Bourke     (Will H Ogilvie / George Dasey)  2.52
8.   Rocky On The Fitzroy                                                  (Shaza Leigh)   3.51
9.   Jesus Take A Hold                                                    (Merle Haggard)  3.03
10. Gracemere Cattle Yards                   (Shaza Leigh / Ashley Cook)  3.38
11.  The Land Calls His Own                                         (Buddy Weston)   3.18
12.  Keeping The Past Alive  (Shaza Leigh, Ashley Cook, M. Amos)   3.12


Legend Of The Three Moon Creek ............

 Legend of the Three Moon written by Wilf Elliott is about how the creek got its name Three Moon Creek. As the verse goes -, It was on a full moon in winter when the chill was settling round, A Swagman came to water as the frost was closing down he filled his billy from the creek and he rested for a while he saw The Moon in the Billy, Moon in the Creek and the Moon in the Sky. 

That's how Three Moon Creek got it's name.                                         

   This is a great clip ......……      Performed Ashley Cook                     

                                                    ALBUM  -    "Pictures Of Australia"
                                                         DVD  -  "Under Queensland Skies"

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  Old Dairy on the Farm

Old Dairy on the Farm