11 great old Buddy Williams songs and also a tribute song 
  written by Ben Jacobs, Shaza Leigh and Ashley. 
  Ashley presents us with songs such as - Where The White Face   
  Face cattle Roam, Music In My Pony's Feet, Little Red Bonnet, 
  Over Hilltop And Hollow', The Flying Doctor , Heading For The 
  Warwick Rodeo, Riding Home At Sundown, Wild River and Dingo. 
  This CD takes us on a nostalgic journey through the great years  
  of Buddy Williams.

                                                      Review by Peter Coad  A.B.B.A


Seventy years ago a boy from the bush stepped up to the microphone and began a legend. His name was BUDDY WILLIAMS and his songs have inspired generations of traditional bush ballads in our unique Australian style. 
To honour that tradition, ASHLEY COOK has released a brand new album, 
I REMEMBER BUDDY WILLIAMS. Ashley and the team at LBS Music have masterfully polished what were already diamonds in some of Buddy's all time finest works; Heading For The Warwick Rodeo, Where The White Face Cattle Roam, Little Jackaroo, Riding Home At Sundown, The Flying Doctor, Away Out On The Plain, Music In My Pony's Feet, Little Red Bonnet, and Wild River. Ashley also duets with daughter KIMBERLEY COOK in Over Hilltop And Hollow. The Album closes with Buddy And Grace, a fitting tribute to the man, his music and the woman behind the great man. A big thumbs up to Ashley and the LBS team. 
                                               Review from Deborah Minter – Capital News

               Ashley Cook. 

SEPTEMBER 2009 marks 70 years since Buddy Williams stepped up to the mike to sing what was called 'hillbilly music'. Ashley Cook, one of our fine bush balladeers, keeps Buddy Williams' sound alive on this release, yet he brings his own style too. Songs that bring back memories of Buddy - Heading For The Warrick Rodeo, The Flying Doctor, Music In My Pony's Feet, and Little Red Bonnet - are just a part of the 12- track selection. Recorded under the watchful eye of Lindsay Butler, it is nice to listen to all the instruments come in and out of each song softly. The sound is a trip down memory lane.          
Review By Charlie Sparrow