Ashley Cook - Salutes Brian Young
No one has made a greater contribution to Australian country music than Brian Young. He’s promoted country music as a performer, composer and recording artist, taking his touring show to the remotest parts of this country year after year. Youngie also started the careers of many up and coming artists, many of which have become recognised names in their own right today. It took a tough and dedicated man to achieve this. Back in 1983, I gave him the title, “The Voice of the Outback”; a well earned title, befitting he man who shared a mutual respect and friendship with the aboriginal people from the far away reaches of Australia. It is wonderful to see a young bush balladeer pay tribute to Youngie, especially one with credentials like Ashley Cook. Ashley has carved his own legion of fans for his professionalism and dedication to his music. His followers not only appreciate his authentic bush ballad style but have grown to know and respect Ashley as an approachable and unassuming man with a sincere personality. Ashley is widely recognised as a ‘great bloke’. Many accolades should be bestowed upon you Ashley, for paying tribute to one of the ‘Greats’ in Australian Country Music. Lindsay Butler OAM

Salutes Brian Young
I have recorded this collection of Brian Young songs for my fans who appreciate Australian country music and as a personal tribute to one of our pioneers that I admire, Brian Young. I had the pleasure of travelling with Brian for a few years whilst on tour with Lindsay Butler OAM and Shaza Leigh. I would like to thank the musicians; songwriters and my producer Lindsay Butler OAM; their contributions to this album were far beyond expectation. Thank you to my family for their support during the recording of this album and especially to the people of this country who like traditional country music - this one is for you!  - Ashley

Ashley Cook - Salutes Brian Cook
It’s great to hear Ashley Cook release an album of songs I’ve recorded. Ashley is a young balladeer I have great respect for because I know he has a deep respect for me and all pioneers of the bush ballad. 

Thank you Ashley and good luck in the future. 

Brian Young OAM