1. Wild River    - Buddy Williams
                                  2. Bulls Buckles, Beer   - Ben Jacobs / Shaza Leigh
                                  3. Highways Of The great Outback  - Norm Woodforth
                                  4. I Love You Ten Foot Tall  - Wilf Elliott
                                  5. I'm A Dragline  - Keith Jamieson / Ashley Cook 
                                  6. The Legend Of The Three Moon Creek - Wilf Elliott
                                  7. Battle With The Roan  - Stan Coster / Slim Dusty
                                  8. Buddy & Grace  - Ben Jacobs / Shaza Leigh
                                  9. Another Day Another Load   - Billy Brummell
                                10. My Grandad Ploughed Paddocks With Clydesdales
                                      Ben Jacobs / Shaza Leigh and Preformed by Kimberley Cook
                                11. Ride Ringer Ride BLOOPERS - Wave Jackson 
                                12. A Bushman's Life    - Ben Jacobs / Shaza Leigh CREDITS            


   Bush Balladeers do DVD Review 

Under Queensland Skies is Ashley's first featuring 11 songs he has recorded. Each video features great country scenery behind every tune often relaxing to the words of the song 
The DVD opens with the Buddy Williams tune "Wild River" and that is well presented. I really 
enjoyed the songs "Battle With The Roan" , " Buddy & Grace" ( which had pictures of them included in the clip) and "I Love You Ten Foot Tall" . Included in this12 song DVD is daughter Kimberley performing " My Grandad Ploughed The Paddocks with Clydesdales" which was filmed on Ashley's property and at Jack Rackham's place as he had the old ploughs and Clydesdales.