"Highways Of The Great Outback" 
Ashley Cook is a fine storyteller, proudly preserving those superb bush ballads told in song by his luminaries like Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams and Brian Young. On this, his forth release with LBS Music, Ashley brings to life stories of places and characters that we all can relate to in a wonderful collection of 12 great songs. The days of Cobb & Co, the bullock teams and the opening up of the land by new settlers come together in the album's excellent title track, while The Stranger, Cane Cutters Cordial {a great tribute to the iconic Bundy Rum}, the Brian Young penned Chip Off The Old Block and I Love You Ten Foot Tall are all highlights. Ashley also teams up with his daughter Kimberley on Slim Dusty's  He's Just The One, the perfect way to end this fine new album from one of Australia's best bush balladeers. 
                                             Daryl Kirkup - Capital News Review.

ASHLEY COOK  - "Highways of the Great Outback" 

The current QLD "Bush Balladeer of the Year" Gold Medallion Award recipient,  Ashley Cook gives us his fourth album on the LBS label. As we have come to expect from Ashley, this is a great Bush Ballad album with all the trimmings. A well executed vocal style, with very clear diction that makes it all so easy to hear the story of the song. The topics of the songs make me proud to be an Australian without a doubt! 
The title of this album pretty well represents Ashley's life these days as he is now part of the LBS National Touring Team travelling all over this great country of ours! The song Highways of the Great Outback (penned by N. Woodforth) is a great tribute to the pioneers of Australia. 
There are plenty of stand alone songs on this album including Chip Off The Old Block (Brian Young) and In The Front Row (J. McKean). And then there's the duo with Ashley's young daughter Kimberley, He's Just The One (S. Dusty / J. Wesley). 
Ben Jacobs & Shaza Leigh's song writing collaboration appears on Cuban Heels and Bulls, Buckles, Beer, with Graham Pearson joining them on It's Not Like That Now. The other songwriters are T. Jewell, B. Williams and W. Elliott all recognised in their field. I have to say that my pick on the album is Cane Cutters Cordial (S. Leigh) as it appeals to my sense of humour. Ashley has the best session musicians playing here too. People like legendary Lindsay Butler OAM, Brett Dallas, Shaza Leigh, Greg Williams, Hugh Curtis, Mark Moulynoux, Lawrie Minson, Lynette Guest and crikeys even me!! And of course, the Producer / Engineer, who is the best in the business, Lindsay Butler OAM. As Lindsay Butler so eloquently states in the cover notes; "Our bush ballad heritage is in safe hands with young artists like Ashley Cook". I couldn't put it any better if I tried.
                                                                                      Review by Peggy Gilchrist.

ASHLEY COOK  -  "Highways Of The Great Outback"  LBS128 Review By Lorraine Pfitzner 

What another great traditional bush ballad Cd from Ashley, making this his 4th    album. Twelve all Australian songs makes up this album, some new some old. Ashley is in top form for this album which you can hear in his vocals. My pick is the Tony Jewell written "The Stranger", and Youngie's "Chip Off The Old Block" . It is great to see two of Wilf Elliott's songs included, too. Another Buddy Williams song, "Riding Down The Valley", is fitting after Ashley's Tribute to Buddy. Daughter Kimberley makes an appearance with Dad in "He's Just The One". Another good album from the LBS Studios, produced by Lindsay Butler.